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New Art Of Defense In Chess - Soltis, Andrew

New Art Of Defense In Chess - Soltis, Andrew
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How defense in chess got a reputation as boring is a mystery. As Andrew Soltis points out in the introduction of his book, good defense is intensely tactical. It is perhaps 90 percent tactics. One could even claim the defender must rely more on tactics than his opponent does. Traditional defensive thinking stressed the importance of parrying immediate threats. Of course this is important, but seeking for counter-attacking ideas is at least as important. This book shows that defense in chess is not mechanical, unimaginative and doesn’t offer little room for variety.

Confront, confound and confuse are the modern key elements of defending. In this book both experts and intermediate, ambitious players can learn by example. With the help of exciting positions taken from games where usually both sides have opportunities, the author explains the main ideas of effective defense. Andrew Soltis is an American Grandmaster who wrote many books on many different chess related subjects.

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