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Practical Chess Defence - Aagaard, Jacob

Practical Chess Defence - Aagaard, Jacob
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As the title indicates, this book is a practical guide for chess players who want to improve their defense skills over the board. How to judge tense middlegame positions? Is it wise to enter a certain line? Should we defense tenaciously for a long time or kill the position by a massive exchange of pieces? These are just some of the many questions the player on the defensive side has to deal with. This book is great study material for the ambitious, practical player who is interested in long term improvement.

Practical Chess Defence contains 200 examples that offer a real challenge to the side that seems to be on the back foot. These examples all together should give one the tools to become a more all-round and practical player. The book can be considered a modern classic on the topic. Jacob Aagaard is a Danish/Scottish Grandmaster who wrote many books on quit a lot of aspects of the game.

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