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Starting Out: The Réti - Mcdonald, Neil

Starting Out: The Réti - Mcdonald, Neil
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Playing the Réti is a choosing for understanding an opening hopefully a bit better than your opponent. This Flank Opening implies knowledge of many opening systems and transpositions. That being said, one shouldn't be afraid to play the Réti or 1. Nf3, because by studying this first move knowledge about chess openings in general will increase. It’s a opening that appears to be calm, but can surprise many players in practical play, as this book successfully shows.

Starting Out: The Réti has it’s logical build up with seven chapters: 2… d5, The New York System, Capablanca’s System, Black plays dxc4, The Open Réti, The Closed Réti, and ideas in the English Opening. As always the Starting Out-series is a guarantee for a didactical bright set-up, including questions and answers, tips and warnings for extra clarification. Neil McDonald is an English Grandmaster, a chess author and coach.

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