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Catalan Opening

The Catalan Opening is a solid way for white to put some early pressure on black. White chooses to fianchetto his kingside bishop, combined with a Queens Gambit structure. White's strategy is based on the strength of this bishop and the pressure on blacks queenside. If black doesn't play precise it can be hard for the second player to equalize easily. The Catalan suits the universal player, who doesn’t mind an early queens exchange, but is also not afraid for some quick tactical manoeuvres. The opening is popular on club level as well on the top level. Best known advocate of the Catalan probably is Vladimir Kramnik, but most of the elite players have the Catalan steady in their repertoire. Many books and dvd’s exist on the subject, both from the white as the black side. Daniel King, Richard Pert and Boris Avrukh are some of the specialist. The Catalan is hard to avoid nowadays, and a great choice for the positional chess player.

Grandmaster Repertoire 1a - 1. D4 - The Catalan - Avrukh, Boris
2015 Quality Chess Grandmaster Repertoire 1a - 1. D4 - The Catalan-Avrukh, Boris

The Grandmaster Repertoire series usually provide quality opening books, and this one is no exception. Boris Avrukh made a whole series of books, that together provide a strong repertoire to the universal, flexible 1. d4-player. In over 400 pages he explains the subtle move order debates, the small advantages white can reach, not being afraid of showing some necessary long theoretical lines, that even the Catalan contains.

The Catalan E00-e09: 448 Characteristic Chess Puzzles - Harvey, Bill, Gamble, Robert
2017 Independent The Catalan E00-e09: 448 Characteristic Chess Puzzles-Harvey, Bill Gamble, Robert

The Catalan is an opening that has the name to be very solid, but even here tactical motifs play a big part in the first stage of the game. To become a master in grasping the Catalan, tactical chances should be taken and mistakes avoided. The puzzles in this collection are culled from the first 20 moves of about 450 games. These puzzles all contain one winning move at a certain point, that either wins decisive material or even better, mates in a few moves. This straight forward puzzle book contains all the main lines of the Catalan.

Play The Catalan - Davies, Nigel
2009 Everyman Chess Play The Catalan-Davies, Nigel

The approach of the writer has been to give the reader a good overview of the Catalan, whilst recommending specific ways to play it. Understanding the finesses is key, but the reader also is being prepared to get up and running in no time. Playing the Catalan is off course the best way of experiencing it, and learning it for real. This book is sound as reading material, study material, and as a reference source on the Catalan. In the first part the author explains all there’s to know about move orders.

The Powerful Catalan - Bologan, Victor
2012 New In Chess The Powerful Catalan-Bologan, Victor

Indeed, the Catalan is one of the most solid chess openings. Combining d4 with g3 and Bg2 is saying: ‘I will control the centre and I won’t get mated anytime soon’. Possible downside is that black has many different set-ups to his disposal, to which the white player should do something in return. This book shows in orderly fashion these black possibilities and white’s way to react, in a solid but strong way.

The Catalan: Move By Move (everyman Chess) - Mcdonald, Neil
2017 Everyman Chess The Catalan: Move By Move (everyman Chess)-Mcdonald, Neil

In a compact, clear manner the author tries to tell you all the basics (and more) on the Catalan, a solid but dangerous opening. Neil McDonald puts effort in improving the chances of truly remembering the provided lines and ideas. In 300 pages McDonald teaches the ins and outs of this opening in a structured manner, to players who are new to the Catalan (or want to improve). Extra attention is given to an important aspect: how positions can be reached after transpositions.

How To Win With Catalan Opening - Kleider, Hans
2019 Independently How To Win With Catalan Opening-Kleider, Hans


Catalan With New Chess Analysis - Schiller, Eric
2013 Ishi Press Catalan With New Chess Analysis-Schiller, Eric


Catalan - Chetverik, Maxim, Der Raetsky, Alexander
2003 Everyman Chess Catalan-Chetverik, Maxim Der Raetsky, Alexander