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Defensive chess might not be the most sexy subject on this website. Obviously most chess players like the initiative and prefer lounging an attack over being under siege. However, over the board you're not always calling the shots. Sometimes you simply meet a better opponent, walk into preparation or a game evolves in a way that you have to defend for a while, to hopefully later on turn the tables. We all have to defend sometimes, and if we do so, we better do it with some commitment. The books in this chapter help you on your way to become a better defender and as a result, draw games you lost before and win games you drew before. Andrew Soltis, Dan Heisman, and Lev Polugaevsky are some of the expert writers on the defensive side of chess. So, do you want to learn the tips and tricks of effective defensive mechanisms? And strengthen your tenacity over the board? Become a real defender. And for sure, your results will improve.

The Art Of Defence In Chess - Polugaevsky, Lev, Damsky, Iakov
2012 Ishi Press The Art Of Defence In Chess-Polugaevsky, Lev Damsky, Iakov

Prevention is better than cure. Disarmament, the road to peace. Trench warfare. Turning the tide. Mines on the road. Counterblow in the centre. These are just a few of the many names of the chapters in this book. Is this a book on modern warfare? No, it’s a book on defending in chess. By studying these themes the chess player should become a more creative, resilient and complete defender. This is theory that’s going to pay off in practice, without a doubt. The Art Of Defence In Chess is without question a classic on the subject.

Looking For Trouble: Recognizing And Meeting Threats In Chess - Heisman, Dan
2014 Russell Enterprises, Inc. Looking For Trouble: Recognizing And Meeting Threats In Chess-Heisman, Dan

Indeed, some players are famous for their attacking skills and others for their defensive skills. But do you really think these great attacking players were attacking all the time? No, in modern chess players of all levels have to be all-round. Defending is an essential part of the game of chess. However, during the game you normally have to do both at the same time. And sometimes one has to defend tenaciously, to later on launch a deadly attack. Looking for Trouble: Recognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess focuses on beginners and players on the intermediate level.

New Art Of Defense In Chess - Soltis, Andrew
2014 Batsford New Art Of Defense In Chess-Soltis, Andrew

How defense in chess got a reputation as boring is a mystery. As Andrew Soltis points out in the introduction of his book, good defense is intensely tactical. It is perhaps 90 percent tactics. One could even claim the defender must rely more on tactics than his opponent does. Traditional defensive thinking stressed the importance of parrying immediate threats. Of course this is important, but seeking for counter-attacking ideas is at least as important. This book shows that defense in chess is not mechanical, unimaginative and doesn’t offer little room for variety.

Practical Chess Defence - Aagaard, Jacob
2006 Quality Chess Practical Chess Defence-Aagaard, Jacob

As the title indicates, this book is a practical guide for chess players who want to improve their defense skills over the board. How to judge tense middlegame positions? Is it wise to enter a certain line? Should we defense tenaciously for a long time or kill the position by a massive exchange of pieces? These are just some of the many questions the player on the defensive side has to deal with. This book is great study material for the ambitious, practical player who is interested in long term improvement.

Attack And Counterattack In Chess: Planning Your Game And Coping With Unexpected Situations - Reinfeld, Fred
2012 Literary Licensing, LLC Attack And Counterattack In Chess: Planning Your Game And Coping With Unexpected Situations-Reinfeld, Fred


Saving Lost Positions - Shamkovich, Leonid, Schiller, Eric
2011 Ishi Press Saving Lost Positions-Shamkovich, Leonid Schiller, Eric


Starting Out: Defensive Play (starting Out - Everyman Chess) - Dunnington, Angus
2005 Everyman Chess Starting Out: Defensive Play (starting Out - Everyman Chess)-Dunnington, Angus


Art Of Defence In Chess - Damsky, Iakov, Polugayevsky, Lyev
1996 Everyman Chess Art Of Defence In Chess-Damsky, Iakov Polugayevsky, Lyev