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Heavy Piece Endings Chess Books

We speak of heavy piece endings if queens or rooks (or both) are still on the board, with only kings and pawns. In this chapter however most books are on rook endings. This is because the rook ending is the most common endgame by far. Almost one out of ten of the endgames are rook endgames. That is just pure rook endings, with double rook endings and other endgames this number is even higher. One out of ten maybe doesn't seem like a lot at first glance, but if you consider there many endgame constellations, it actually is. You might know the chess saying 'All rook endgames are drawn.' The books below prove that this is not the case at all. On the contrary, the blunder frequency is higher than in most other endgames. So, with some knowledge about this subject you may outplay your opponent. Endgame experts Sergei Tkachenko, Kartsen Müller, and Mark Ishee can help you on your way with some very instructive material. Rook endings are almost a game on itself, with its own rules and laws. That's why it definitely pays off to study them carefully.

Understanding Rook Endgames - Müller, Karsten, Konoval, Yakov
2016 Gambit Publications Understanding Rook Endgames-Müller, Karsten Konoval, Yakov

The authors follow a very systematic approach towards the deep understanding of rook endings. Computer analyses play a big part, so called seven-man tablebases are used to analyse all sorts of rook endings in great depth, leading to many new discoveries. These lines and ideas are presented in a humanly manner, easy accessible for all ambitious players who like to put in some work to improve their endings, and more specific the most frequent endgame, the rook endings.

Starting Out: Rook Endgames - Ward, Chris
2005 Everyman Chess Starting Out: Rook Endgames-Ward, Chris

The author has covered the most relevant theoretical positions and has used easy examples to illustrate the most important themes. In just over a 100 pages Chris Ward patiently teaches the readers the ins and outs of rook endings with the help of tips, notes, warnings and examples. The chapters are: The Basics, Rook vs Pawn(s), Rook and Pawn vs Rook, Introducing More Pawns, Tricky Situations and Advanced Techniques, Applying Principles to Practical Play, Twenty Questions.

The Survival Guide To Rook Endings - Emms, John
2008 Gambit Publications The Survival Guide To Rook Endings-Emms, John

The author chose to write a book on rook endings for their frequency, practical value and relative ease when compared to other endings. Indeed, these are rather good reasons to study these type of endings with care. This book is a very compact and practical guide towards basic but deep understanding of the different types of rook endings. For both club players and grandmasters who want to survive the rook endings, whether this means converting an advantage or surviving a bad but saveable position.

Mastering Rook Endings (master Skills Series) - Ishee, Mark
2013 J M Press Mastering Rook Endings (master Skills Series)-Ishee, Mark

Mastering rook endings, that's something all chess players want. To achieve this however, some work has to be done. The amount of work should not be underestimated, but this book shows that this amount shouldn't be overestimated neither. In a little over 100 pages the author tells you all the basics, without 'filler' material. No, only clear, typical examples of each concept. Detailed explanations enable the reader to recognize the essential strategic and tactical patterns.

One Rook Saves The Day: A World Champion's Favorite Studies - Tkachenko, Sergei
2017 Elk and Ruby Publishing House One Rook Saves The Day: A World Champion's Favorite Studies-Tkachenko, Sergei

At the start of the game the rook most of the time is furthest away from the action. As a result one or both sides often end up with a rook at the end of the game. One rook can save the game and the day, as this book convincingly shows. It contains 100 unique endings where white ends up with just one rook and wins the game or keeps a draw. There are no more than six moves in any solution, so experienced chess players can analyse the positions directly from the diagrams.

Decision Making In Major Piece Endings - Gelfand, Boris, Aagaard, Jacob
2021 Quality Chess Decision Making In Major Piece Endings-Gelfand, Boris Aagaard, Jacob


Understanding Queen Endgames (understanding Chess Endgames) (book 4) - Müller, Karsten, Konoval, Yakov, Kramnik, Vladimir
2021 Russell Enterprises, Inc. Understanding Queen Endgames (understanding Chess Endgames) (book 4)-Müller, Karsten Konoval, Yakov Kramnik, Vladimir