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Italian Game

The Italian game usually occurs after the moves 1.e5 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Bc4. It is one of the best known chess openings, already often seen in the early days of the game, resulting in some beautiful romantic chess and famous games. The opening got a little bit out of fashion on top level in the nineties, more and more white players choosing the Spanish Game (3. Bb5 …). Lately the Italian is popular again amongst Grandmasters and new theory is developing rapidly. After the starting moves black's two main options are 3...Bc5, the Giuoco Piano, and 3...Nf6, the Two Knights Defense. This two are about equally popular but the positions that occur have a very different character. In both cases white can choose between sharp and more slow lines, although the latter eventually results quit often in sharp play anyway. The Italian suits the 1. e4 player who has enough of the Spanish or just wants to play lively chess games full of ideas. For the black player who has 1… e5 in his repertoire, studying the Italian seems to be a necessity nowadays. Daniel King, Simon Williams, Erwin l’Ami and Sergey Tiviakov can teach you everything about this complex but rich opening.

Italian Game & Evans Gambit - Jan Pinski
2005 Everyman Chess Italian Game & Evans Gambit-Jan Pinski

This books offers a complete overview of theoretical lines in the Italian, with special attention for the Evans Gambit. Off course this publication covers all main lines in the Italian Game, but it also gives well thought consideration to the many side lines and rare variations. Jan Pinski shows that the Italian regained it's popularity on all levels with a reason. Whatever answer black chooses, normally white has an option to play it sharp or more positional. If white is in a bold mood, he can even choose the Evans Gambit.

The Italian Gambit (and) A Guiding Repertoire For White - E4! - Jude Acers, George Laven
2003 Trafford Publishing The Italian Gambit (and) A Guiding Repertoire For White - E4!-Jude Acers George Laven

This book offers a repertoire for the white 1. e4-player, with the main focus on the Italian Gambit. The Italian Gambit occurs after the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. d4. Giuoco Piano literally means 'quite game', but after 4. d4!? the opening transforms to nothing of a calm nature at all. White gives a pawn and claims central control, a lead in development and a strong initiative. If you add the surprise element of this rare gambit, you might get an advantage early in the game.

Winning With The Slow (but Venomous!) Italian: An Easy-to-grasp Chess Opening For White - Georgios Souleidis, Karsten Müller
2017 New In Chess,Csi Winning With The Slow (but Venomous!) Italian: An Easy-to-grasp Chess Opening For White-Georgios Souleidis Karsten Müller

This book is for club players who are fed up with long theoretical lines after 1. e4 e5. With the white pieces one can choose - as the title indicates - an other direction, a clear cut idea with some poison. This so called slow Italian contains a simple plan with a quick c3 and d3, to later push d4. An other characteristic is a set-up in Ruy Lopez-style with 0-0, Kb1-d2-f1-g3, Re1 and h3. Off course you need to know some move order details to be flexible against different black set-ups.

Chess Openings By Example: Italian Game - J. Schmidt
2017 Independently Chess Openings By Example: Italian Game-J. Schmidt

This book is a simple, straight forward game collection book on the Italian Game. J. Schmidt made a collection of notable, instructive and sharp games on this interesting opening, that became more and more popular in recent years. In a little more than 100 pages Chess Openings by Example: Italian Game offers no text and no extra variations or lines than the games themselves. What you see is what you get; just the chess games.

Italian 2.bc4 Playbook: 200 Positions Bishops Opening For White (chess Opening Playbook) - Tim Sawyer
2017 Independently Italian 2.bc4 Playbook: 200 Positions Bishops Opening For White (chess Opening Playbook)-Tim Sawyer

After 1. e4 e5 2.Bc4 the Bishops Game occurs. By developing the king’s bishop on move two, most players try to avoid some gambits or certain other openings like the Petroff. Then again, most of the times the opening will evolve to an Italian-type of game. This book mainly focuses on transposition to the Italian by playing a quick Nf3 and d3. Italian 2. Bc4 Playbook: 200 Position Bishops Opening for White concentrates on crucial positions in this type of Italian from the white side.

Bishop's Opening: The Berlin Defence, Ponziani Gambit Accepted: 1. E4 E5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. D4 Nxe4 - David Robert Lonsdale
2017 Independently Bishop's Opening: The Berlin Defence, Ponziani Gambit Accepted: 1. E4 E5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. D4 Nxe4-David Robert Lonsdale


Chess Tactical Review: C53: Giuoco Piano Sidelines - Katherinejolenes
2018 Chess Tactical Review: C53: Giuoco Piano Sidelines-Katherinejolenes


Attack With The Boden-kieseritzky-morphy Gambit - Eric Schiller
2011 Ishi Press Attack With The Boden-kieseritzky-morphy Gambit-Eric Schiller