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Light Piece Endings Chess Books

Knight and bishop are considered the light pieces of the game of chess. That doesn’t mean endgames with these pieces are easy or light. These endings - in different constellations - are very common and interesting, and very complicated at the same time. If one improves as a player one will reach the endgame more often. Sooner or later one will reach light piece endings as well. We - by the way - speak of light piece ending also in the case a rook is involved in combination with a knight or bishop. In this chapter you'll find books on endgames like bishop vs. knight, opposite bishop endings, rook and knight vs. rook and bishop. Concrete strategies and common ideas are explained by endgame experts like Roman Jiganchine, Yuri Averbakh, and Sergei Tkachenko. If you want to become more complete as a player, studying light piece endings is no unnecessary luxury.

One Bishop Saves The Day: A World Champion's Favorite Studies - Sergei Tkachenko
2017 Elk and Ruby Publishing House One Bishop Saves The Day: A World Champion's Favorite Studies-Sergei Tkachenko

Yes indeed, a game of chess is often decided by seemingly small differences on the board. One bischop for example, can save the game and the day, as this book convincingly shows. It contains 100 unique endings where white ends up with just one bishop and wins the game or keeps a draw. There are no more than six moves in any solution, so experienced chess players can analyse the positions directly from the diagrams.

Comprehensive Chess Endings Vol 2 Bishop Vs Knight Rook Vs Minor Piece Endings (volume 2) - Yuri Averbakh
2012 Ishi Press Comprehensive Chess Endings Vol 2 Bishop Vs Knight Rook Vs Minor Piece Endings (volume 2)-Yuri Averbakh

This book is the second volume of a major study of the endgame, carried out by a small team of Soviet theoreticians, led by GM Yuri Averbakh, arguably the best known specialist on chess endings. The first part of this book examines endings with bishop against knight. The second part deals with rook against minor piece. Both essential parts of the game of chess, where basic rules sometimes fight with concrete lines, and where experience and originality often come together.

Rook And Knight Endgames - Strategy And Tactics (practical Endgames) - Roman Jiganchine
2017 Independently Rook And Knight Endgames - Strategy And Tactics (practical Endgames)-Roman Jiganchine

In this e-book another a topic that's rather specific is being analysed in great depth. However, the active chess player - online, with friends or on a club - will encounter this type of ending sooner or later. The rook and knight are two pieces that can work together fine, if one knows the right patterns and basic ideas. Constellations with their own dynamics, rules and exceptions, and their own beauty. The extra strenght of passed pawns in such endings has a total different meaning than in endings with e.g. rook and bishop.

Bishop Endgames: Do Opposites Attract? (practical Endgames) - Roman Jiganchine
2017 Independently Bishop Endgames: Do Opposites Attract? (practical Endgames)-Roman Jiganchine

Endings with bishops of opposite colours are often drawn. That being said, one has to be precise. On top of that, these draw-odds don’t always apply to positions with rooks still on the board. A middlegame with opposite coloured bishops also favours the attacking side, and this may also applies to certain types of endgames. We could say these are the main themes of this e-book, along with many other tactical and strategic ideas to grasp the endgame with rook, opposite coloured bishops, and often also some pawns on the board.