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Philidor Defense

The Phildor Defense has a reputation of being a solid but passive opening, but can be an interesting way to meet 1. e4. After the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6, this opening can also be seen as an invitation from black to white to attack, or even as a provocation. The last decades the Philidor gained in popularity with some new counterattacking ideas. The openings has his sharp edges, when it becomes the Philidor Countergambit or transforms into the Hanham Variation or the Black Lion, the two latter being two somewhat similar, modern opening ideas. Sergey Kasparov and Christian Bauer are two of the chess players who play the Philidor with great success and wrote books on the opening. Parimarjan Negi on the other hand has some interesting ideas from the white side. On general the Philidor is characterised by move order debates and dynamic options. On first glance white calls the shots, but if the second player knows his theory he can easily free himself from a somewhat passive position and place a sneaky counterattack.

Philidor 2.nf3 Playbook: 200 Opening Chess Positions For White (chess Opening Playbook) - Sawyer, Tim
2017 Independently Philidor 2.nf3 Playbook: 200 Opening Chess Positions For White (chess Opening Playbook)-Sawyer, Tim

This book shows 200 diagrams that together offer a picture of the positions reached after 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3. One could say this book takes a look at the somewhat obscure second moves from black, almost everything except 2... Nc6 and 2... Nf6. Not only the Philidor (2... d6) is a topic of this book, but also the Elephant Gambit (2...d5), Latvian Gambit (2... f5), Busch-Gass Gambit (2... Bc5), Damiano Gambit (2... f6) and Gunderam Defense (2. Qe7).

A Cunning Chess Opening For Black: Lure Your Opponent Into The Philidor Swamp - Kasparov, Sergey
2015 New In Chess A Cunning Chess Opening For Black: Lure Your Opponent Into The Philidor Swamp-Kasparov, Sergey

This book mostly focuses on the black side of the Philidor, but doesn't forgets strong lines for white either. All clichés of the opening seem to be very true after studying this book: it's provocative, tricky, dynamic and certainly not as bad as most people think. Sergey Kasparov played the Philidor for quite a while and offers the reader a clear overview of the main ideas and some funny sidelines.

Chess Openings By Example: Philidor Defense - Schmidt, J., Schmidt, J.
2017 Independently Chess Openings By Example: Philidor Defense-Schmidt, J. Schmidt, J.

This book is a simple, straight forward game collection book on the Phildor. J. Schmidt made a collection of notable, instructive and sharp games on this interesting opening, that became more and more popular in recent years. In a little more than 100 pages Chess Openings by Example: Philidor Defense offers no text and no extra variations or lines other than the games themselves. What you see is what you get; just the proper chess games.

Philidor Files: Detailed Coverage Of A Dynamic Opening (everyman Chess) - Bauer, Christian
2007 Everyman Chess Philidor Files: Detailed Coverage Of A Dynamic Opening (everyman Chess)-Bauer, Christian

The Philidor is making a serious comeback. One of the reason might be some tricky move order options; debates of that nature have been seen more and more often in chess nowadays. This book therefore offers a very instructive exploration of different move orders. Other subjects are general plans, rare moves and pawn structures in the Philidor. Off course Christian Bauer - a real expert on this opening - also gives his full attention to the main lines; the Larsen's Variation, Antoshin's Variation and Hanham Variation.

Winning With The Philidor (batsford Chess Library) - Kosten, Tony
1992 Henry Holt & Co Winning With The Philidor (batsford Chess Library)-Kosten, Tony


The Dynamic Philidor Counter-gambit - James R. West
0000 Chess Digest The Dynamic Philidor Counter-gambit-James R. West