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Queen's Indian Defense

The Queen's Indian Defense is a popular way for black to meet 1. d4, especially amongst higher rated players. That doesn’t mean the opening doesn't suit club players, the ideas being very straight forward and relatively easy to remember. Normally the Queen's Indian starts with the moves 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 b6, although move order transpositions are not uncommon. Black's main aim is the control by his light pieces of the central squares e4 and d5. He likes to establish this by putting his light squared bishop on b7 and often play Ne4 and f5, getting a firm grip on the centre of the board. A lot of times white plays 3. Nf3 in order to avoid the Nimzo Indian Defense, that arises after 3. Nc3 Bb4. There are quit a lot of similarities between the two, and a lot of Nimzo-players studied the Queens Indian in case white doesn't play 3. Nc3. For white there are multiple systems he can choose between against the Queen's Indian. If white plays 4. g3 he enters the Main Line. The Petrosian Variation is seen after 4. a3, stopping blacks Bb4. Other moves that are often spotted on all levels are 4. Nc3 and 4. e3, as well as the Miles Variation 4. Bf4. By playing 4... Bb7 black enters the Old Main Line. The so called Modern Line starts with 4... Ba6. Nowadays Russian grandmaster Evgeny Tomashevsky is one of the main advocates of the opening, although it's fair to say most top players flirt with the Queen's Indian once in a while. Lorin D'Costa, Andrew Greet and Leonard Landers are some of the chess authors who shed their light in extensive detail on the Queens's Indian. Searching for (another) weapon against 1. d4? Happy with a solid solution characterised by some early tactical motives, but positional play on the long term? If yes, you're probably ready to give the Queen's Indian a chance.

Miniatures In The Queen's Indian: 4.g3 (chess Miniatures) - Carsten Hansen
2017 Independently Miniatures In The Queen's Indian: 4.g3 (chess Miniatures)-Carsten Hansen

This book is about opening tricks and traps in the Queen’s Indian Defense. After the moves 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 b6 the main line continues with 4.g3, also the most common move in this position. Even in this seemingly quit opening there lots of tricks and cheapo’s in the position. When one starts grasping an opening it’s necessary to first and foremost learn about the tricks, because they are often a reoccurring theme in openings.

The Queen's Indian: Move By Move (everyman Chess) - Lorin D'costa
2016 Everyman Chess The Queen's Indian: Move By Move (everyman Chess)-Lorin D'costa

The Queen's Indian: Move By Move is for beginners and advanced players who want to learn a new answer to 1. d4. The Queen's Indian has two sister openings in the Nimzo-Indian and the Bogo-Indian. In all these openings similar strategic goals are aimed for with black, the most important probably being control over the centre squares. Lorin D’Costa however prefers the Queen’s Indian over the other ones, for the simple reasons usually more pieces stay at the board.

Chess Explained: The Queen's Indian - Peter Wells
2006 Gambit Publications Chess Explained: The Queen's Indian-Peter Wells

The Queen's Indian is an interesting opening for beginners as well as world champions. Containing both strategic and tactical elements, this opening also teaches one about general ideas in chess. In this book the aim has been to bring the highest level of chess in the most accessible possible form. In general the selection of games has been determined by the strategic ideas and the entertainment value. It’s the combination of fun and theory that characterises this publication.

The Queen's Indian Defense: Main Line 4.g3 System - Maxim Chetverik
2018 Elk and Ruby Publishing House The Queen's Indian Defense: Main Line 4.g3 System-Maxim Chetverik


Queen's Indian Defence (everyman Chess) - Jacob Aagaard
2002 Everyman Chess Queen's Indian Defence (everyman Chess)-Jacob Aagaard


Tactics In The Chess Opening 5: Indian Defences Catalan & Benoni - Geert Van Der Stricht, Sipke Ernst
2007 New In Chess,Csi Tactics In The Chess Opening 5: Indian Defences Catalan & Benoni-Geert Van Der Stricht Sipke Ernst


A Cutting-edge Gambit Against The Queen’s Indian - Imre Hera
2014 New in Chess A Cutting-edge Gambit Against The Queen’s Indian-Imre Hera


Queen's Indian Defence - Jacob Aagaard
1997 Everyman Chess Queen's Indian Defence-Jacob Aagaard


Chess Openings By Example: Queen's Indian - J. Schmidt
2017 Independently Chess Openings By Example: Queen's Indian-J. Schmidt