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Vienna Game

The Vienna Game is an opening with a romantic touch to it, in which the first player can surprise his opponent by knowing the theoretical lines a bit better or using his favourite set-up. Despite The Vienna is rarely seen at the top level anymore, it's still a respectable opening, where white usually aims to play f4 sometimes soon. The Vienna Game starts with the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Nc3. Now moves like 2... Nc6 and 2... Bc5 are playable, but then there's a risk of transposing to a variation of the King's Gambit. That's why 2... Nf6 is the most popular move. White now has three main moves. 3. f4 is traditionally regarded as the main line of the Vienna Game. White aims for a somewhat improved King's Gambit, but with the best black reply 3... d5 leads to a dynamically equal position with chances for both sides. The solid move 3. g3 transposes to the so called Glek System, a rather quite line that's not considered part of the Vienna-family. Another move is 3. Bc4, which leads to the Frankenstein-Dracula Variation after 3... Nxe4, with some complicated continuations. More often played is the move 3... Nc6, resulting in more quite positions. Gary Lane, Roman Ovetchkin, Nick De Firmian and Eric Schiller can help you on your way. So, fed up with playing the Spanish, Scotch or Italian with white? The Vienna may be an interesting choice to broaden your repertoire against 1... e5 or surprise an unprepared opponent.

Vienna Game - Lane, Gary
2000 Everyman Chess Vienna Game-Lane, Gary

This standard work is a publication with a rather classical structure containing very instructive theory from both the white and the black side, in which model games are the key. The first part concentrates on the main lines and the second part on sidelines and rare variations. The Vienna Game has it's fair share of theory, but can also be considered a rather flexible opening with transpositions to the King's Gambit or the Glek System. Being an opening with a long, romantic history it still has it's venom, and it's inadvisable to come unprepared.

The Frankenstein-dracula Variation In The Vienna Game Of Chess - Schiller, Eric
2011 Ishi Press The Frankenstein-dracula Variation In The Vienna Game Of Chess-Schiller, Eric

The Frankenstein-Dracula Variation occurs after the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. Bc4 Nxe4!?. White seems to be winning material, but after 4. Nxe4 black plays d5, winning the piece back. British chess player Tim Harding thought this variation was so sharp and bloody, it could well have been a game between Dracula and Frankenstein, hence the name. Eric Schiller was the first to devote a whole book to this line, that can be considered the standard work on this crazy opening variation.

How To Win With Vienna Game - Kleider, Hans
2019 Independently How To Win With Vienna Game-Kleider, Hans


The Vienna Game And Gambit - A. E. Santasiere, Ken Smith
1992 Chess Digest The Vienna Game And Gambit-A. E. Santasiere Ken Smith


The Complete Vienna (batsford Chess Library) - Mikhail Tseitlin, I. B. Glazkov, Sarah J. Young
0000 Henry Holt & Co The Complete Vienna (batsford Chess Library)-Mikhail Tseitlin I. B. Glazkov Sarah J. Young


Vienna Opening (contemporary Chess Openings) - Harding, T D
0000 HarperCollins Distribution Services Vienna Opening (contemporary Chess Openings)-Harding, T D